C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs as an extension to C. C++ can be thought of as an extension of C language, however, this became untrue when C99 introduced a new features that did not exist in C++. C++ rose to fame due to inclusion of object oriented features. We will learn about Objects later. But a little taste: A car is an object. A car is made up of certain parts and it has certain functions such as reverse, move, etc. Human is also an object!

C++ was standardized in 1998 by ISO committee and again in 2003. After that, every few years major updates have been done to this language.

The language has a very high sense of freedom involved in it which is quite dangerous as well as wonderful for us as programmers. C++ works aptly where high performance and control over memory and other resources is needed. C++ has many applications such as Video games, Manufacturing, Financial applications, Graphical applications, simulations, embedded software and Audio and video processing.

Let's give you a taste of a C++ program right here!


# include<iostream>
using namespace std;
int main() {
     cout << "Hello World!";
     return 0;

Don't worry about the symbols and words that don't make sense to you. You will learn about these soon enough. But these beautiful lines of code will actually display the words
 Hello World!
on screen. This is just the beginning. You have so much to learn!


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